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Drug Test Piss Procedure

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Drug test piss is where an individual’s urine is tested or screened for presence of illicit drugs. It is usually done in a facility, but anywhere with a bathroom will do. It can be done in a hospital, doctor’s office, at a workplace or even in the bathroom inside your own home. Urine drug test is important to detect drug abuse so that doctors can help the person come up with a treatment plan. Regular drug tests should be taken while the treatment is still ongoing to make sure that you are following the treatment process.

Drug Test Procedure

The drug test procedure for urine test is easy and pain-free. If the test is done in a setting outside your home, a tester will be assigned to administer the test. You will be given a specimen cup where you will collect the urine. You will be asked to leave your personal belongings in a room and sometimes, be asked to change into a hospital gown. Stricter facilities require the authorized person administering the test to accompany you in the bathroom to make sure that you won’t do anything to alter the result of the test. Clean your genital area with the clean cloth provided by the test administrator before urinating. Once you have collected enough urine, put the lid on the cup and hand the cup to the nurse or technician.

Drug Test Positive

The results are usually available within the same day of the test but if the result is drug test positive, it will take more than 24 hours to get the result back. If the person tests positive, his urine sample will have to undergo another test to confirm the result by identifying the drug that tested positive. If you tried to mix your urine with home remedies that promised to get you a negative result, this will be shown in the second test.

Drug Test Product

If you don’t want to fail the urine drug test but can’t avoid the use of drugs, you may do so with drug test product that can make you achieve a negative result. One product that will let you pass the test is SUPREME KLEAN 7 DAY BODY CLEANSER. Use this detox program to ensure that you will not fail the urine test. With this product, you don’t have to bring any product or home remedies with you in the bathroom. Even if you are accompanied by another person, he or she won’t suspect you with changing the result.

Drug Test Products

Supreme Klean has more drug test products for drug users who want to pass urine drug tests. No matter what type of drug testing you’re preparing for, we have products that will best suit you. Even if the test is not due for another month or is happening on the spot, the important thing is to be always prepared for these kinds of tests. There are several situations that call for drug testing and most of the time, you cannot avoid them.